About Terri

About Terri…

When Terri Bewley begins to play the piano, something wonderful happens. At first you are amazed at the beautiful music that comes flowing from the piano; then when Terri begins to sing, her rich, warm, alto voice soothes and ministers like few you’ve heard before.

Terri is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has sung and played Gospel music in a full-time solo ministry since her days at Cincinnati Bible College. She based her ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio for many years before she married her husband, Larry Conner, and relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee in November of 1996.

Terri travels all across the United States, performing at church services, revivals, ladies seminars, retreats, and other special events, as well as at several statewide and national seniors conferences. Her goal? To glorify the Word of God and to share the love of Jesus Christ through music.

Terri has been invited to sing at many of the nation’s largest churches including First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, Southland Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and First Christian Church in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She has performed at the North American Christian Convention, as well as several Bible colleges. Terri has also been a featured soloist on the In Touch Good News Bible Cruise with Dr. Charles Stanley, for several years.

Having released several solo recordings, Terri has a well-rounded program of songs that can be tailored for any audience. Whether it’s a large audience or just a few, for the young or the young at heart, this is simply great music with the never-changing message of the Gospel.

What Others have to Say

“Terri Bewley is a gifted musician and vocalist. Her warm personality makes her audience feel that they know her, which makes for a wonderful evening of Christian music and a worship experience. Terri’s musical ability, vocally and instrumentally are superseded only by her concern for others and commmitment to the Lord.”
— The Talleys, Roger, Debra, Kirk

“When I think of Terri Bewley, I always think WOW what a voice. Then she sits down at the piano and she plays with such feeling and emotions. I used to produce about 38 projects a year, but since my ministry has grown, I have to be gone a lot and I had to stop producing. But when the opportunity came that I could help out on Terri’s project I said, “when and where.” I believe in Terri and her ministry. I know she has a longing for lost souls. She knows whom she sings about and that’s what it takes. Believe me, you will be delighted. I’m her biggest Fan.”
— Anthony Burger

“Terri is an exceptionally talented lady. Her vocal and piano music are an inspiration to all of us. Churches should be proud of her dedication and willingness to devote her life to promoting God’s love and grace for us. Terri’s soft country/ballad style of music is refreshing and uplifting. you will love her!”
— Wayne B. Smith, Minister, Lexington, Kentucky


My life has been blessed with many wonderful memories. Most of them center around my family and my home church in Hammond, Indiana. The church I grew up in was like a big family. Everyone knew everyone else, and one family’s joys and sorrows became everyone’s joys and sorrows. I received a great deal of love and encouragement in my music, which at that time was mainly playing the piano. I did sing sometimes, but usually the harmony, and always with my mother or my sister. All through my teen years I was always used as an accompanist, and I was very content to let someone else do the singing. I realize now that the problem was one of self-confidence. I loved to sing, but lacked the courage to stand “alone”.

As we know from the Scriptures, sometimes God has other plans for us. When I look back over the last several years, and realize that I’ve been working and traveling full-time, by myself, in a solo ministry, I can’t help but see that God’s influence on my life has given me the grace and confidence to do what He has called me to do.

One of my favorite chapters of he Bible, I Corinthians 13, says:

“If I speak with tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

This translates in my life: “If I sing with the voice of an angel, or play the piano with great talent and artistry, without love, I am nothing.”

My one desire is to glorify God through music, and to share the love of Jesus with others through the songs I sing.

“Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”